Thursday, January 13, 2011

Italy Day 1: Flight Delay, Milan, and trip to Montecatini

Italy day one kind of (Milan and Montecatini)
Amy Allison (Junior) and Kim Wisen (Senior) 01-12-11
Picture above is of Montecatini Alto from Hotel Tuscany
Well you see what happened was we had to start our trip a day early. We made it to the Raleigh airport just fine even though we woke up and there was SNOW and ice on the ground. Salem didn’t have any classes that day so Jay made a good call with us leaving early even though we all had to pack very quickly. Once we made it to the Raleigh airport we were worried about our flight taking off but luckily we were the first flight to leave the airport that day. From then on we thought it would be smooth sailing.
Once we made it to JFK airport we were all really excited that we would be in ITALY the next day. We rushed around the airport to find food, money exchange, and an ATM. Once we made it back to our gate we found out that our plane would be delayed by one hour. We were all kind of bummed and just as that one hour came close to ending they moved our flight back another hour due to maintenance. The two hours turned to three and then to four and then to four and half. We were finally told we could board the plane and it turned into a mob of people just running for the plane.  Once we got on the plane and everyone was settled we took off on a snowy runway. As it turns out we were one of the last planes to be able to take off from JFK that night. 
Once we got to the airport in Milan we realized we didn’t have enough time to see the city since our plane was delayed so long. We decided just to come back to the hotel and relax and enjoy dinner. The drive from the airport to Montecatini was 5 hours. We stopped at a gas station mid way.
Once we got to the Hotel Tuscany, we checked in and some of us took showers. For dinner we had pasta carrettiera style, Grilled chicken breast and mixed salad and then we had dessert. All of the food was really good and we went to bed excited about the next day and ready to win our soccer game!

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