Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lucca and 2nd Soccer Game

Lucca and 2nd Soccer Game
Tatum Justice (junior), Sabrina Thiel (sophomore), Celeste Pantuso (sophomore)  01-14-11

We woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy listening to Italian MTV before we hit the city. We left around 10 am to go to Lucca. When we first arrived we got to pass through one of the remaining Renaissance gates surrounding the city. Once there we took a quick tour of the city. We then rushed to make the train around 1 pm so that we could visit Pisa. While in Pisa the team had fun taking silly pictures of holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa up. We also made a friend who was a student at the University of Pisa. He told us about a fun disco in Montecatini. 
Once we were back in Lucca we had some free time to roam the city and our first stop was an old cathedral from the 12th century. The cathedral was an overwhelming and humbling experience. We saw beautiful art and lit prayer candles. After Lucca we went back to Montecatini and enjoyed a quick nap and a dinner of pasta, steak and greens, and fruit for dessert at the hotel. 
That night we prepared ourselves for our second game at 8:30. The ref was extremely friendly and the team was very competitive making it a great match overall. Although we didn’t win we all played a well-fought game on the wet field. Afterwards we went out for pizza and dessert to end the night.

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