Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last day in Rome

Rome- Jan. 19, 2011
Courtney Hedgecock (first-year), Michelle Lawler (first-year), and Katelyn Todd (first-year)
Today our wakeup call was at 8. We headed out to the Vatican today. We were supposed to go yesterday but most everyone wanted to see the Pope. We left the hotel at 9:15 and quickly passed through Vatican security. We made our way the building where we would see the Pope. There were many different groups from all around the world. Many who were on pilgrimages.
The service started around 10:30 and lasted until around 11:15. During the service we discovered that the Pope speaks many different languages. At the end he blessed us, our families, and our future children. Afterwards we had free time. Most chose to see the Vatican museum and the Sistine chapel. After the museum some chose to go shopping. While others went to see Saint Peters Basilica. Then we all regrouped at 8pm for dinner. As tonight is our last night in Rome we spent the night packing our luggage trying to figure out a way to fit all our souvenirs into our suitcases. Some of us also went to a local restaurant to watch "The Rome Derby," a soccer match between the two large Roman club teams, Roma and Lazio. Roma won the game 2-1. Our departure tomorrow will be at 4am.

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